About the Interactive Business Club

IBC meets at Bristol's Future Inn

Interactive Business Club for lunch time networking The Interactive Business Club was founded in 2011 by a small group of disgruntled breakfast networkers who recognised the way to network needed to change and be – less formal, less regimented, held at an optimum time of day, be fortnightly – not weekly and to give member businesses a platform to really explain what they do plus understand how they can help each other. Fundamentally, the network must produce business, embrace business relationships but members must enjoy being part of the new network community.

In recognising that we all have businesses to run and sometimes things crop up, meaning you cannot make occasional meetings. You can send a substitute colleague or business to represent you – keeping your company in the spotlight – and maybe give an opportunity to another business to check IBC out, by subbing for you.

The venue had to be central, have a meeting room that was available so as not to disturb the other diners and provide good food and great ambiance. That’s why the Future Inn was selected. 

The Interactive Business Club was born.

If networking hasn’t been ‘your thing’ but you still recognise the potential benefits it can bring, you’re just the person we’d like to have along so why not get in touch and come along as a visitor to see how we work – there’s no commitment other than to simply get involved.

The IBC Committee

The IBC committee looks after the running of the club and members are elected as and when a position becomes vacant.

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