The Three Pillars of Successful Selling

25th January 2016


At Elation, our mission has always been to be able to unpack the complexity of sales and give a business owner a simple guide to getting sales absolutely right in their business. This guide needed to fulfil a simple but fundamental brief:

  • Be cost effective;
  • Be time effective;
  • Get results.

The guide is now something we use daily within Elation and is a fundamental tool in helping our clients achieve more sales. It is formed around an observation we’ve made based on many year’s experience; all sales operations require success in three key areas to make them really successful, and in order for a business to have real strength it needs to have strength in each of the three key areas of selling:

Sales Activities

Sales activities are the individual communications that your prospects and clients receive when they deal with you as a business. Sales activities are an organisation’s way of communicating to existing and potential customers, so they must be consistent, represent the business effectively and meet the requirements of the customer. Elation not only assess what activities are being conducted, but the quality and quantity of these activities, as well as how they interact with each other and other areas of the business. We review the following core strengths of sales activities:

  • Diversity
  • Quantity
  • Structure
  • Content

Sales Process

Sales process allows businesses to organise their activities to ensure they meet specific goals. Elation look at the day to day plans for the front lines, which need to be in place to really drive sales. This pillar is about defining the blueprint that controls business success.

In this area we look at the journey your customers take with you across the following areas:

  • Lead generation: how are you finding and creating new clients?
  • Lead nurturing: how are you influencing the buying decision?
  • Account management: how are you ensuring your clients continue to use you?

We also focus on the technology used within each stage, reviewing issues such as:

  • How are you documenting your sales activities?
  • What reporting systems are in place to ensure activities are productive?
  • What systems are in place to ensure opportunities are maximised?

Sales Management

The management pillar is really about who is responsible for the overall sales success, and how they are held accountable. Sales management will focus on two areas; management itself, which is ensuring everything is in place to ensure that the process is happening in the most effective way, and leadership, which requires a strong and motivated team and driving them to reach their goals. When assessing the strengths of sales management, Elation consider the following areas:

  • Structure
  • Performance
  • Communication
  • Training

If your business has real strength in all three pillars then you can be sure that the sales operation is performing at its optimum level and your business is really thriving. Elation work to develop each of these areas to ensure our clients have strengths in each, and that each pillar is operating in cohesion with others.

How does your business stand up against the three pillars? If you’re not sure, or just want to get a bit of advice, then let us know and we’d be more than happy to have a chat.