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The Interactive Business Club is a different type of business networking group, we are Bristol based, meet over a fantastic lunch at a superb venue for the sole purpose of adding value to our members businesses. 

In our eyes, networking is about building relationships, having fun, expanding your contacts with like-minded professionals and being part of group that can help IBC meets at Bristol's Future Innyou achieve your business goals, in whatever form that may take.

Even if networking hasn’t been ‘your thing’ but you recognise the potential benefits, or if you are tired of the stuffiness or rigid formalities some groups why not give us a try? Get in touch and come along as a visitor to see how we work – there’s no commitment other than to simply get involved.

So how are we different?

IBC Bristol, business networking at its bestOur meetings, whilst still maintaining some structure, are relaxed and informal and held over a sumptuous light lunch. We recognise that many people are put off networking because of the need to stand up in front of a room of people and talk openly about their business, so it’s down to you how much or how little you’d like to contribute until your confidence grows.

Our annual membership fees are just £60 – Yes, Just £60. 

We don’t tie you down to present your company in one minute, We want to know about you and your business so that we can work together. We enjoy a FREE Xmas Bash each year, Have quarterly social gatherings like Barbecues and Events where we invite some of our Clients to join us for drinks and to meet some of our other members. We publicise our member charity far and wide helping them to raise thousands of pounds from their events across the Bristol area etc.

Meet us at the Future Inn, just by Cabot Circus, you’ll even get 1/2 price parking when you join us for lunch, we’re there every second Thursday from 12 til 2pm so no getting up at the crack of dawn! If you’re interested, please get in touch and it’s just £16.00 for the lunch.

If this sounds like your kind of group, we’d love to have you along to judge for yourself. 

Terms and Membership Application Form in PDF format or Download as a Word .doc file

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