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David Robshaw Director. DJR Associates.

Leadership lessons from geese

December 28, 2018

David Robshaw of business and financial specialists DJR Associates, highlights some leadership and management strategies for 2019 Learning from Geese OK, so the Xmas goose is getting fat, but it’s also a wise old bird and can teach us a thing or two… When we work together we can all achieve so much more. Goose…

Dan Lloyd, Adviser Loan

What is a lifetime mortgage?

February 28, 2019

Dan Lloyd of specialist mortgage and loan company, Adviser Loan, sheds light on equity release and lifetime mortgages One of the most classic pieces of advice most people have been given during their youth is ‘buy yourself a property, you must get on the property ladder’ so you did, right? Now you have yourself an unencumbered…

Welcoming strangers to your workplace

June 10, 2016

Welcoming strangers to your workplace 10th June 2016 Harriet Broughton of Gregg Latchams Lawyers speaks to BusinessLeader.uk.com about employment laws and key points businesses need to consider before recruiting. Harriet – tell us about you and your role at Gregg Latchams law firm? “I am an employment law specialist, advising a range of SMEs on…

Kate Clarke, founder of Artemis Clarke

Are you thinking about succession plans or selling your business?

November 9, 2018

Kate Clarke, founder of finance and accounting recruitment specialists, Artemis Clarke, explains why you need to plan ahead when considering selling your business You may have spent your whole working career building up a successful business and you’re now looking to reap the gains through its sale, or you may be looking to sell so…